The military transport aircraft Il-112 was under threat


Photo: Sergey Mamontov / RIA Novosti

A project to create a new light military transport aircraft Il-112 was under threat of closure. It is reported by Telegram-channel WarGonzo with reference to its sources in the General staff of the Ministry of defense of Russia.

It is reported that the design was crude and designed with a large number of technical errors. So, the permissible overload experienced model instead of the normal tolerances of up to 10 percent accounts for almost 40 percent, or about three tons. The serial production is only possible after correcting these errors, which requires additional time and money.

It is not excluded that due to the complexities of the defense Ministry may refuse to allocate funds for the development of the project.

Problems with the implementation of the project Il-112 can cause personnel decisions to change the head of the company. The sides WarGonzo reported that technical problems were found Alexey Rogozin, when he headed the company in may last year. In August 2017 the United aircraft Corporation (UAC) said that in the coming years will produce about three hundred Il-112.

On 6 July it became known that the JSC “Il” instead of Alexey Rogozin may head the acting General Director of the Taganrog aviation scientific-technical complex (TANTK) named after G. M. Beriev Yuri Grudinin.

Il-112 is a light military transport aircraft that can accommodate up to 44 passengers or five tons of cargo. It is designed to replace an-24 and An-26, which, first, outdated, and second, produced by the Kiev aircraft factory that, given the complex relations with Ukraine, makes it difficult to service and repair Russian aircraft.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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