The operation to rescue the children from the caves in Thailand stopped


Photo: Xinhua / Global Look Press

The operation to rescue children trapped in a flooded cave in Thailand, was stopped. Reported by the BBC.

At the headquarters of the rescue operation said that the supply of oxygen in the cave are gone, so a decision was made to suspend operations for a minimum of 10, maximum of 20 hours to recharge.

Rescuers managed to raise to the surface of four children, although previously the information appeared about six. First decided to withdraw the weak ones, they are already delivered in hospitals. Information about what the condition of some of the children are life-threatening, have been reported.

According to the publication, in a rescue operation involving about 90 divers, of which 50 people are foreign specialists.

According to The Independent, in order to leave the cave, the children will have to travel about 2.5 miles in poor visibility, including a series of flooded narrow passages that it is difficult even for professional divers. Now the students are sitting on a dry patch in one of the caves size no more than 10 square meters, but in the near future in the region are expected heavy rains, and the air pocket will decrease.

Rescue operation in Chiang Mai province in the North of the country began early Sunday morning, July 8. According to the head of the headquarters of the rescue operation of Narongsak Outanane, in the far area of the cave went to the team of 13 divers, and the first children were expected no earlier than 17:00 Moscow time.

A group of boys from 11 to 16 years and their football coach stuck in a cave in Chiang Mai province in the North of the country at the end of June. They went there shortly before the start of heavy rain, the entrance is flooded and blocked by rocks. They were found only 10 days later. The rescue operation is complicated by the fact that in Thailand the season of rains, and some of the children do not know how to swim.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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