Victims of heavy rains in Japan were 70 people


Photo: KYODO Kyodo / Reuters

The number of victims of heavy rains that have hit Japan, and related landslides has reached 70 people. About this reported on Sunday Agency Kyodo, reports TASS.

In addition, currently missing are still 60 people. Earlier it was reported about the 44 missing. Japanese rescuers and fighters of the self-defense Forces continue the search and rescue operation.

The government headed by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe held an emergency meeting to discuss the situation. “Now we fight with time, and the safety of many people is still not guaranteed. All forces should be thrown to the rescue of people,” said Abe.

Torrential rains hit Japan due to the impact of Typhoon “Prapiroon” that Wednesday, July 4, was transformed into a low pressure area. He was the seventh in a year by a Typhoon in the Pacific ocean.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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