A tourist told about sexual harassment in Egypt and went to jail


Photo: Amr Nabil / AP

A tourist from Lebanon, spoke at Facebook about sexual harassment in Egypt, was sentenced to eight years imprisonment on Saturday, July 7. About it reports Fox News.

A Cairo court found her guilty of the deliberate spread of false rumors that can hurt society, lead to attacks on religion, as well as indecent exposure in public, said sources in the court.

It is reported that the woman was arrested at the end of his stay in Egypt after she posted a 10 minute video in which he called Egypt “son of a bitch” (son of a bitch country). It tourist also complained about sexual harassment, poor service in the restaurant and stealing money during a previous stay in the country.

The court of appeal on 29 July, the lawyer says Emad Kamal (Kamal Emad).

On 6 July it was reported that the Chelyabinsk regional court overturned the penalty in 20 thousand rubles a resident of Magnitogorsk Salima Muhamedianova convicted of false accusation after the story about the rape and beating by police.

The woman contacted the police and the Investigative Committee, the doctors diagnosed her injuries. The story of the victim confirmed the polygraph. Demanding a fair investigation of the case, her husband cut off a few fingers on the hand. Despite this, the case of violence in the police Department was closed, and Muhamedianova was accused of false denunciation (part 2 of article 306 of the criminal code) and fined 20 thousand rubles. The police, which she identified as their rapists, are still working in law enforcement.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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