Allowed 100-year mystery on the origin of modern mankind


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An international group of scientists has solved a century old mystery about the origin of the modern population in Southeast Asia, home to 600 million people. According to the findings of researchers, it was formed due to the genetic contribution of four different ancient populations. The authors, who published in the journal Science, briefly about the scientific work described in the press release

The debate about the origin of human populations in South-East Asia, continued about one hundred years. It is believed that man began to develop South-East Asia about 65 million years ago that led to the emergence of a group of hunter-gatherers Hoabinhian, the earliest traces of which date back 44 thousand years ago. About four thousand years ago began to appear the first farms. A number of scientists believed that their own Hoabinhian, but other researchers back in 1952 put forward the hypothesis of the “double layer model”, according to which the local culture during the late Neolithic was influenced by migrating farmers from the North (the territory of modern China), which replaced the hunter-gatherers.

Scientists have found that neither of the two hypotheses is not accurate. They analyzed 26 ancient human genome decoded on the basis of the DNA sequences that were extracted from the remains of people who lived 0,2-8 thousand years ago in territory of modern Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Laos and Japan. Experts have compared the genomes of DNA who now lives in South-East Asia people.

It turned out that Hoabinhian, and East Asian farmers have contributed to the genetic diversity of South-East Asia. However, they also found that two thousand years ago have appeared in the region of DNA that were absent from the people of the late Neolithic period. Scientists attribute this to the migration of native tai-kadai and Austronesian languages that have spread across Indonesia and the Philippines.

Southeast Asia covers the continental and island areas between China, India and Australia. In this densely populated region is home to eight percent of the population.

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