Called permitted to theft in hotels items


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British newspaper the Daily Mail interviewed the hotel staff and made a list of things that are allowed or prohibited to carry from hotels.

Among the items that you are officially allowed to take from hotels were different bottles (shampoo, shower gels, creams), and other toiletries and disposable Slippers. “This is perfectly normal. We never use Slippers twice, so visitors can easily pick them up,” shared the Manager of a chain of hotels, The Savoy.

Also in some hotels the guests can take with them umbrellas. So, according to the Concierge at Brown’s Hotel, David young, in their hotel visitors will not be penalized for the stolen umbrella. “Moreover, it is a great marketing move,” he said. However, not all hoteliers approve of it.

According to Yang, the guests can always take the room branded notepads and pens, as this also helps to promote the hotel.

In the list of prohibited removal from the hotels items included, for example, pillows. In one London hotel, upon detection of theft, the Manager sends the violator a letter: “We are glad you like our pillows! The expense you will find in the Annex to the letter.”

It also turned out that to steal from the rooms are not the batteries from the remote, the Bible, toilet paper and bathrobes.

In may, the staff of a five star hotel in Kemer, Turkey, caught Russian tourists attempting to remove from the hotel a variety of items. The video, posted on YouTube, shows how a hotel staff recovered from suitcases of Russians toilet paper rolls, towels, shoes, bottles of shampoo, soap, packaging tea bags, bag of fruit and a few dozen plates.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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