French opposition issued a “death sentence”


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French far-right opposition party “National Association” (the former “national front”) with a death sentence, depriving it of state subsidies. This was stated by the leader of the party marine Le Pen, reports The Guardian.

A French court has deprived “the National Association” of 2.35 million euros from the state (paid to political parties depending on the election results — approx. “Of the”). The total annual subsidy is about five million euros. For some reason, the party was deprived of a half of the annual subsidies is not specified.

The judges have frozen the funds to investigate the embezzlement of the money of the European Parliament, where Le Pen was a member from 2004 to 2017, on the bogus salaries of employees of the party in France. The European Parliament argues that only in 2009 was spent seven million euros, reports The Local. At the moment the charges brought against ten officers, including most of Le Pen.

“The investigating judge shall make us a death sentence, depriving us of money without court decisions, — the newspaper quoted Le Pen. Without them we Aug will not last”. According to the MP from the “National Union” Sebastian Shana, the party will not be able to pay staff salaries, pay rent and cover other expenses by 15 July.

According to the newspaper, “the National Association” has been going through financial difficulties. In 2014, the party took out a loan of nine million euros in one of the Russian banks, as in France, she refused. In addition, banks such as Société Générale and HSBC refused organizations in opening of accounts. According to Le Pen, it is connected with an attempt to make her party to be quiet.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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