Hackers have found a way to steal thousands of litres of gasoline at American filling stations


Photo: Carlos Osorio / AP

Police American city of Detroit is looking for criminals who broke into the local petrol station and stole nearly 2,3 thousand liters of fuel. It is reported by the local FOX.

The thieves took control of the dressing for half an hour. They disabled the payment system and refueled 10 cars in the amount of about 1.8 thousand dollars (almost 113 thousand rubles — approx. “Of the tape.ru”).

Employee of the petrol station Aziz Awad (Aziz Awadh), who at the time of the crime was standing at the checkout said that the screen of the computer controlling the fuel payments have been blocked. “I tried to stop it but nothing worked,” he said. The pump was able to block only after the employee knew to shut off the flow manually using the Toolbox for emergencies.

A few months ago, experts in the field of cybersecurity has discovered a vulnerability in software installed on the stations of self-service. It was reported that the hackers can not only steal the fuel, but also capture the credit card buyers or manipulate the price of fuel.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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