Kyiv said the British media the meaning of the slogan “Glory to Ukraine!”


Photo: Gleb Garanich / Reuters

Embassy of Ukraine in the UK on his Twitter page responded to the emergence in the British media that the slogan “Glory to Ukraine!” is a nationalist.

“We would like to remind [publications] The Sun and The Independent, that “Glory to Ukraine!” means “Glory to Ukraine!” — this is a Patriotic expression like “long live France,” “long live the Queen”, “Let Poland be Poland””, — stated in the message.

“You will call those who repeats these phrases, nationalists and Boo them?” — asks the employees of the diplomatic mission of Ukraine in the UK.

8 July in the Internet appeared the video, where the player Croatia domagoj Vida used the slogan “Glory to Ukraine!” after the victory over the Russian team in the quarterfinals of the world Cup. Later, he called the video prank. “No politics. It was a joke. I have friends there from the time of Kiev “Dynamo”, nothing else and I mean had. I don’t want to mix football and politics. I love Russians I love Ukrainians, I love Brazilians, I love everyone,” he says.

The disciplinary Committee of the International football Federation (FIFA) has issued a warning, his words were interpreted as a manifestation of unsportsmanlike conduct.

The material of the Sun, the slogan was called the appeal “of the Ukrainian army and nationalists who oppose Russian territorial claims to Ukraine”. The Independent outlined the slogan “Glory to Ukraine!” as “populist phrase that after the events of 2014 used by many Ukrainians.”

Video, photo All from Russia.


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