LGBT activists from six countries held a rally under the guise of fans


Photo: @lolamullenlowe

Foreign LGBT activists held a rally in support of the rights of sexual minorities and talking about it on a specially created website.

Russia, according to the authors of the project, one of the countries “where homosexuality is punishable, sometimes even convictions, and in which the banned flag of the rainbow”.

Six protesters — residents of Colombia, Argentina, Mexico, the Netherlands, Spain and Brazil — have been at the Russian capital, and was photographed in t-shirts of their teams, having put from them the rainbow flag.

The project involved the President of the Association of LGBT families GALEH from Spain, Marta Marques. “This project combines my passions: activism, love of travel, my family (our daughter is half Russian)”, — she noted.

One of the six volunteers, a Dutchman Eric Hooter — did not apply to LGBT activists, but was replaced by his brother, who couldn’t make it. “We need to see that heterosexuals, too, fight for it. And I defend the rights of not only my brother but also the rights of all citizens”, — he explained his position.

Judging by the photos, the protesters walked through the red square, Alexander garden, Izmailovo Kremlin and the metro.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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