Named a way to save money in the event of a crisis


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Analysts at JPMorgan Chase analyzed the five most recent global recessions in the economy and called the currency to keep their savings in times of crisis. It is reported Bloomberg.

Experts, in particular, came to the conclusion that in times of crisis in the first place is to get rid of the currencies of developing countries. It is noted that such currencies depreciate on average by 17 percent during the two-year period from the beginning of the recession.

To keep savings, according to estimates by JPMorgan, is in Japanese yen, Swiss francs, American and Singapore dollars. The yen is the most preferred option, as it is the cheapest means of hedging financial risks.

In JPMorgan believe that the talk about the global economic downturn at the moment premature, however, working on options in case of unforeseen circumstances, particularly on the background of the unfolding trade war.

Previously, Bank of America has predicted a repetition of the events of 1997-1998, when the world plunged into a severe economic crisis, and Russia defaulted. According to analysts, this indicates similar trends. So, the markets of developing countries are reduced, the share of high-tech companies becoming more expensive and the US economy shows steady growth.

In early June about the future of the global financial crisis, also warned the world Bank (WB). The organization noted that in the next couple of years, global shocks should not be expected, however, after 2019, the situation can be very alarming.

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