New Zealand armed against China


Photo: Theron Kirkman / AP

New Zealand will purchase four anti-submarine Boeing P-8 Poseidon to counter the increased military influence of China in the Pacific. This writes The Wall Street Journal.

“We are increasing the power in the Pacific,” said acting Prime Minister of Jacinda Arden Winston Peters, which, according to the newspaper, are often accused of special dislike of China.

Boeing will purchase from the United States and other military allies in the region, in particular the United Kingdom, Australia and South Korea are not happy with the growing influence of Beijing. According to the newspaper, this is the biggest military purchase in the country for several decades.

The decision to purchase weapons was made several days after the submission of a new plan of defense, which stated that China “examines international law and stability in the region.”

According to Peters, who is also the Minister of foreign Affairs of New Zealand, the country is “obliged to promote national interests at all levels and to defend its sovereignty” against the backdrop of growing differences between Washington and Beijing and the intensification of the Chinese armed forces in the South China sea.

The Boeing P-8 Poseidon is designed to detect and destroy submarines. The aircraft can carry up to nine tons of weapons, has five internal and six external points of suspension, for torpedoes, sea mines and air bombs.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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