Protection fashionable the St. Petersburg club, pulled up her skirt 17-year-old girl transgender


Photo: @matvei.leningradetz

Guards club “Enoteca” in Saint-Petersburg humiliated 17-year-old girl-transgender Melissa Salihin, forcing her to lift my skirt and calling the monster at the entrance to the school. This was reported in Facebook Lizaveta Bogdanov, who calls himself the guardian of the girl.

According to Bogdanov, the victim went to the social networks to the Creator of “Yonetici” Alexander Ionova with a request to influence the guards, “this wouldn’t have happened.” Ion said that in solidarity with Caliginous, however, is not going to change the mentality of people “educated in the Russian homophobic tradition.”

“It’s like if you fall at the zoo in a cage with lions and complain that you ripped to pieces,” said Ion. He noted that if you start forcibly change the Outlook of the guards, he’ll have all the fire and stand guard yourself.

“I’m sorry. But you have a lifetime of humiliation. It’s your choice, you knew where they were born,” said the girl Ions.

Bogdanovsky in the comments expressed the hope that 18-year-old singer Buckwheat (real name Anastasia Ivanova), the producer of which is Ions will affect the colleague and forced him to apologize. The actress said in “Vkontakte”, “for LGBT rights and she doesn’t care who and where someone is not allowed”. “I didn’t let the club go to another, don’t be stupid,” wrote the Buckwheat.

Post Bogdanov received several hundred comments. Some Internet users said that security had every right not to let minors in the club. Others expressed outrage that the employees of the security service of the institution did not pay attention to the age and transgender girls, which began to humiliate her.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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