Shura became homeless


Surutto: Evgeny Odinokov / RIA Novosti

Pop singer Shura lost his apartment. This he said in the program “hi, Andrew”, posted on YouTube.

According to him, the home he purchased in 2003 for $ 100 thousand. Then he struggled with drug addiction and rewrote the property to another person. “Once during a birthday down to a stall for some water, there are two young men with documents in my apartment and telling me they say, Oh, sorry, this apartment pay their debts, and move new people, and legally”, — explained the artist.

“I have lived so many years in his apartment and just love her. Two months I have left to figure out where to go. In my 43 years I — bum”, — said Shura.

He thanked the new tenants for letting him live in the apartment for another two months, until he finds a new apartment. Shura said that he was going to take out a mortgage.

Shura (real name Alexander Medvedev) has gained popularity in the 1990-ies. Among the most famous of his compositions — “Otshumeli summer rains”, and “Do good”, “Cold moon” and “You do not believe in tears”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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