Slepakov explained for mocking the national team of Russia


Photo: @slepakovsemyon

Russian comic artist apologized to the national team of Russia on football after her achievements at the world Cup. Post with an apology he posted on his page in Instagram.

“This is a post of gratitude and support the national team of Russia on football. You guys are really cool. I’m sorry if someone offended you with their creativity,” wrote Slepakov Sunday, July 8.

He added that the song that became a hit to the team’s performance, was recorded “from a sense of hopelessness, which before the tournament filled all”. Slepakov noted that now the Russians have a reason to be proud of the players and that they “didn’t lose, and nicely stepped aside, as polite hosts, who give all the best to the guests.”

11 Jun Slepakov posted a new song in which he fantasized, what kind of results you could achieve the Russian team, if the post of chief coach took Ramzan Kadyrov. “My coaching requirements are pretty simple — less pressure, more kindness. To show that evil intentions I have, so I put on the table a pistol,” — says the hero of the song. The next day in Chechnya demanded an apology.

June 24, together with the frontman of the group “Leningrad” Sergey Shnurov, he released a video for the song “Champions” dedicated to the victories of the national team of Russia on football in the group stage home world championship.

July 7, the Russian team lost to Croatia in the quarterfinals of the world Cup. The game in regular time ended with the score 1:1, in extra time, the Croats took the lead, but on 115-th minute Mario Fernandez scored from a free kick, making the score 2:2. In the penalty shoot-out Croatia won with the score 4:3.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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