Sniffing suspiciously, the Russian players forced the Germans to talk about doping


Screenshot: BILD

German journalists drew attention to the fact that the football team of Russia were sniffing ammonia in a break of match of 1/8 final of the 2018 world Cup against Spain. The corresponding article was published in the newspaper Bild.

In the article it is noted that the football team of Russia has already been seen for inhalation of ammonia in the break of the match of 1/8 final against Spain. Also to illustrate the suspicion of German journalists is a photograph of the defender of the Russian team Ilya Kutepov, presumably breathing in the ammonia through the nose into the veins.

The authors emphasize that ammonia is not included in the list of prohibited drugs. However, its use has a stimulating effect, improving the flow of oxygen in the athlete’s body. According to them, the way the Russian players had an advantage over the Spaniards.

“The use of ammonia is not prohibited. But it is absurd on the part of the Russians to claim that it is also common as some shampoo. Especially against the existing years in Russia the system of state support of doping,” the article reads.

Team Russia beat the Spanish team in penalty shootouts with the score 4:3 (1:1) in the 1/8 final of the world Cup. Subsequently, the Russians have stopped in a step from the semi-finals of the world championship — 1/4 final match turned into a defeat by Croatia.

The world championship will end on July 15. The final will take place at the stadium “Luzhniki”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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