Thai authorities have classified operation to rescue children from the cave


Photo: Tyrone Siu / Reuters

Thai authorities have classified operation to rescue children from the caves of Tham Luang in Chiang Rai province. It is reported RIA Novosti citing local media.

The joint headquarters for the rescue operation has banned its members without specific permission to disclose information about the events and to share photos and videos from the event, says the Agency.

Those who violate the order will face severe punishment.

New rules introduced to prevent the spread of false information. So, on Sunday, the network appeared information about six people raised to the surface, while actually from the cave brought four people, said the representative of the chief of police of the region.

8 July in the far area of the cave went to the team of 13 divers, four children managed to get. In the evening the rescue operation was suspended. At the headquarters of the rescue operation said that the oxygen inside is depleted and therefore it was necessary to replenish them.

A group of pupils aged 11 to 16 years and a football coach walked into the cave in the North of the country, when it was dry, but soon after they were inside, the rain has gone, the entrance was flooded and blocked by rocks. Operation on their search lasted for 10 days. People found alive four kilometers from the entrance to the cave. On 3 July it was reported that they will have to sit in the trap until September or October this year — before the end of the rainy season.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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