The Arctic festival will take place in Teriberka


Photo: Lev Fedoseyev / TASS

Sociologists and urbanists will meet at the annual international Arctic festival development site “Teriberka. New life” in the Murmansk region from 21 to 22 July in spite of a lack of funding, the press service of the regional government.

One of the objectives of the festival is to promote Pomeranian culture and folklore. Also in Teriberka will discuss the interaction of regional communities, social changes and problems of Russian society, including remote events. For guests of the festival will open architecture, music, gastronomy, sport areas and sites of ecological tourism and crafts.

“This year, due to the lack of own financial resources and difficulty in finding funding from sponsors, the organizers refused to hold the festival. However, the government of the Murmansk region, realizing the popularity of the event, considers it necessary to hold it as scheduled on July 21-22,” — said the press service.

In 2017 at the VII international meeting of the Arctic Council, President Vladimir Putin noted the importance of an open approach to the development of the Arctic and called for cooperation with other countries. He added that Russia pays special attention to the protection of the unique natural environment of the North, distinctive culture and lifestyle of indigenous peoples.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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