The blogger went on trial for broadcasting pornography


Asyraf Kato Photo: Ashiraf Kato

Court of Uganda upheld the detention of the blogger Asyraf Kato (Kato Ashiraf), who is accused of distributing pornographic material via their YouTube channel. It is reported by the local Bureau of the newspaper The Observer.

The prosecution alleges that on may 24, 2018 Kato aired in the blog Ghetto TV Nude photos of a student of the Christian University of Uganda, rukundo Lillian (Lillian has revealed). Also, according to the investigation, on the following day (may 25) Kato, together with Rukundo was again published images of the girl’s body. It is assumed that it was done with sexual overtones — such provocative behavior is illegal in Uganda.

Kato admits his guilt. He also filed a petition for bail, saying it that he spent more than ten days in the cell where he was tortured by the police. Nevertheless, the court rejected the request by sending a blogger to jail until the new consideration of the case on 16 July.

Case Kato compounded by the fact that no one knows the whereabouts of his accomplice Rukundo. It is reported that they were detained together, but later the girl was released on bail, and Kato spent a few days in a police station in katwa, a suburb of Kampala. The representative of the Metropolitan police Luke Owoyesigire (Luke Owoyesigyire) could not explain why the woman managed to break free.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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