The driver got out of the burning car and lit it from the fire


Robert Kwiklift: Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department

In the American city of Citrus heights, California, the driver had an accident and lit it from the burning car. It is reported by Fox 40.

The car in which were a man and a woman, caught staying ahead of the SUV, crashed into him from behind at a speed of 120-130 kilometers per hour and burst into flames. It has affected only the driver, who received lacerations from the seat belt.

On the face of the employee of traffic police, he switched places with the passenger. Then both got out of the burning car, but soon the man returned and tried to light the fire, in the process burning his eyebrows. “Fire me not afraid, — he explained to the policeman. — I deal with these things all the time.”

The driver was arrested on suspicion of driving while intoxicated. A few days ago he was detained for the same violation.

In January it was reported that a drunk driver from Florida called the emergency number and complained to himself, but couldn’t remember his name and explain to the dispatcher where it is.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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