The government refused to spend money on cancer treatment


Photo: Alexey kudenko / RIA Novosti

The government approved a national project in the health sector, the main point of which was the increase in budget spending on cancer care, writes “Kommersant”, familiar with the document and the reaction of the Cabinet on him.

According to the publication, the project consists of eight Federal projects: five purely medical, and one dedicated to the creation of national medical centers, digitalization of medicine and develop the export of medical services. The largest expenditure planned for the development of cancer care — 982 billion until 2024. As a result, the mortality from cancer should be reduced from the current 200 per 100 thousand population up to 185 in 2024.

However, the main expenditure in this direction was not included in the national project and will be executed through special subsidies from the Federal budget for the program of the MLA.

Despite this, the government did not support the national project. “The proposed project and the approaches do not approve of it,” the newspaper quoted a source in the Cabinet.

Also among the measures envisaged in the national project: expanding throughout Russia a network of institutions for the treatment of vascular diseases, expanding the scope of medical examinations to 90 percent of the population, the restoration of the village system obstetric units. The main emphasis is on improving the skills of doctors and medpersonala. Moreover, it is planned to conduct training remotely, via a dedicated portal. All training shall be provided to 1,88 million doctors and nurses.

The most realistic part of the national programme, the sources of the newspaper called the increase of digitalization of health. It refers to the creation of the single circuit information maintenance is going to be connected the majority of hospitals, as well as the transition to electronic prescriptions and paperwork.

Earlier, on 9 July published a draft “Basic directions of budget policy” directed the Finance Ministry to the state Duma. In it, among other things, prescribed the reduction of health care costs in 2019 20.2 billion compared to current budget 479,7 billion vs billion 459,5. In 2010, the spending should increase and make 563,2 billion in 2021-m — 572,5 billion.

March 1 during address to the Federal Assembly, President Vladimir Putin instructed to implement a national program for the fight against cancer with the participation of representatives of the scientific and pharmaceutical industries. Under the program, every Russian citizen should be given the opportunity for an annual medical examination.

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