The Spanish soldiers were allowed to wear pants because of your tattoos


Photo: Blazquez Dominguez / Getty Images

The Ministry of defence of Spain to change the rules to wear a military uniform because of the tattoos. About it reports The Local.

Innovations will allow women to wear trousers in military activities.

According to the previous regulations, the pants included in the set of the parade uniform for men only, and women had to wear skirts. In addition, the body of military in uniform should not be visible tattoos, jewelry and piercings. For this reason, Estela Martin (Estela Martín), who has a tattoo on her ankle, was not accepted into the army. At the same time, men with tattoos on his legs in the armed forces take freely, the newspaper said.

Whether Martin re-qualify in the army, is not clear. According to the woman, she should have been allowed to enlist despite the old limitations, as wearing the skirt assumes the dark tights that would hide the tattoo.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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