Thousands of employees of the secret military bases pierced for love of the run


Photo: @polarglobal

Map fitness app Polar has allowed researchers to collect data about six and a half thousand employees of various armies and intelligence agencies. It was discovered by the journalists of Bellingcat.

Users of sports gadgets Polar can publish the results of their training on the social platform. Data owners fitness devices GPS trackers on the world map. Among publicly available data — heart rate, route, date and time of the training.

The researchers chose those areas where there are military bases, and to analyze the behavior of users of Polar. The app suggested to view the profile of training in the area of people, including their names and real photos. Many of them the service has been connected to the profile in Facebook.

Considering the habit of people to include gadgets from the comfort of home, and turn them off, returning after a day of work, the researchers also managed to identify the home addresses of some employees.

Experts said that among the identified 6.5 thousand people were employed by the FBI and NASA, nuclear power plants and organizations associated with nuclear weapons and were listed as soldiers on submarines. The researchers also pointed out that he had noticed the activity of the us military in Baghdad and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, the Russian military in the Crimea.

In the beginning of 2018, it became known that a social platform for athletes called Strava same way “revealed” the secret military bases of the Ministry of defense.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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