Walking on cans of food the girl gave these prostheses


Photo: Osman Orsal / Reuters

Syrian girl who had to move with the cans, gave real dentures. Her story was told to Reuters.

Eight-year-old Maya Merhi (Merhi Maya), was born without legs and had to walk on makeshift prostheses, which the father made to her from the pipes and cans of tuna. When her photographs of the refugee camps in Idlib appeared in social networking, the girl was taken to Turkey.

The father of Maya and five children Mohammed admitted that in Idlib they fled from Aleppo: “We have experienced a lot of difficulties, especially during travels, lived in tents. Maya couldn’t walk and we had to come up with something that she was not lying on the ground.”

The doctors hope that in the next three months, the girl learns to walk on prostheses of the present and thanked her father for his persistence: “He has done everything for this child to be able to walk, and Allah helped him. If we hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, we would never believe that she will be able to move these makeshift limbs.”

With 2012 in Aleppo, one of the largest cities of Syria, civil war between government forces and insurgent and terrorist groups, including the banned in Russia organization “Islamic state”. In December 2016 the city was completely liberated by the Syrian Arab army.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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