Western sanctions will deprive the astronauts of modern spacesuits


Photo: Valeriy Melnikov / RIA Novosti

Due to the sanctions policy of the Russian space suits a new generation of “Orlan-ISS” may be left without automatic recovery system integrated into the helmet system of information transmission, reported TASS the General Director of NPP “Star” Sergei Pozdnyakov.

He said that the company uses imported components. “But it is unknown whether they will be available to us in the future because of the sanctions policy. In the case of limits, perform work in the amount of the minimum list, with only Russian components,” — said Pozdnyakov.

According to him, currently “defined by maximum and minimum lists of works which in the modernization of the suit would run.” “At the minimum we plan to upgrade the sleeves and maybe increase the size of the entrance in a suit to big for astronauts to eliminate the inconvenience when using it. To simplify the maintenance of the suit to change the location of the aggregates of the container,” — said Pozdnyakov.

The maximum, beyond these works, it is planned “to build a spacesuit automatic recovery system and a projection system for a helmet to pass to the astronaut information.” “It must be borne in mind that not everything can be made from domestic materials,” — said Pozdnyakov.

The CEO also said that the NPP is planning to work on improving the maintainability of the Russian space suits that, unlike the us, serviced in orbit and returned to earth. According to him, the space suits NASA back to earth by trucks Dragon (ships SpaceX is the only one designed to return cargo from the ISS to the ground).

“Our cargo ships “Progress” burned in the atmosphere, and return the space suits for a manned “Unions” because of the restrictions on dimensions and mass of load is not possible. If there will be multi-ship, including its cargo version, then it will be possible suits to return to full maintenance, what is rational in all respects,” — said Pozdnyakov.

In June 2018 in the explanatory note to the report for 2017, the largest Russian manufacturer of rocket engines NPO “Energomash” has declared that the enterprises of rocket-space industry of Russia in 2020 will feel the negative effects caused by the refusal of the US buying rocket engines RD-180 and RD-181.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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