A fake Saudi Prince 30 years fooled everybody and got burned on the love of pork


Anthony Injectate: Michigan City Police Department

Released new information about an American con man who is about 30 years pretended to be a Saudi Prince, until he was given a love for pork. This publication reports the Daily Mail.

47-year-old Anthony Gignac (Gignac Anthony) was born in Colombia but was adopted by an American family and raised in the United States. In 2008, he was convicted of fraud because it caused damage to the hotel and several companies in the amount of 10 thousand dollars. Even then, he posed as a Prince and lied to others.

During the process it turned out that the man was manipulating people with fake personality since 1991. He already had a penthouse in Miami and many luxury cars. In these cases he was able to go free by paying bail.

The last episode that lead to a court case, happened in March 2017. One of the improvised Gignac contacted American developer Jeffrey Saffer. He informed him that the crown Prince of Saudi Arabia wants to invest in the resort Saffert $ 440 million.

American believed and invited the Prince to visit. The scammer came on a brand new Ferrari with diplomatic plates (as it turned out, he bought them on eBay). In August, the Saffer stayed in the penthouse of Gignac. During this meeting, the Prince showed him a fake letter from the Bank of Dubai, guaranteeing $ 600 million.

In the same month, they met for further negotiations in aspen. There Saffer first suspected something was wrong. He noticed that a potential investor in a Muslim country gets to eat forbidden by Islam dishes with pork. The developer asked the security service to check fraud, and she immediately exposed the fraud.

After the complaint of the Saffer law enforcement agencies of Florida began its own investigation. In November 2017 Gignac was detained at the airport, where he arrived under an assumed name. His penthouse found business cards in different names, fake diplomatic license plates, credit cards, thousands of dollars in cash and financial documents in the name of a member of the Saudi Royal family.

In may 2018 Gignac admitted that impersonating a foreign diplomat and official representative of the government of another state, pleaded guilty to identity theft with aggravating circumstances to commit fraud. It is expected that the verdict will be handed down in August.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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