Advance nurse killed patients because of hostility to mourning relatives


The frame: the film “Kill bill 2”

A nurse from the Japanese city of Yokohama were killed in advance of patients in a terminal condition, so they would not die during her shift. This is with reference to sources in police reports The Asahi Shimbun.

Ayumi Cup (Ayumi Kuboki) admitted that he killed terminally ill patients, she had to explain to their relatives if they die during her shift.

31-year-old Japanese woman suspected of killing Sozo Nishikawa (Sozo Nishikawa) in September 2016. According to the newspaper, the woman entered the patient’s room the day before his shift and gave him an injection of an antiseptic with a high content of benzalkonium chloride. A few hours later the man died. Despite the fact that by this time the Cup was already in the workplace, with relatives had to explain to the staff member who cared for the deceased during the day.

According to police, the victims could be more. In addition, not all of them, according to the Cup, was in a terminal condition.

The woman was arrested July 7, what charges were brought, not reported.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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