Called the main mistake of firefighters to extinguish the “Winter cherry” in Kemerovo


Photo: Alexander Patrin / RIA Novosti

The head of the Kemerovo service of fire fighting Andrew Burcin first arrived at a burning shopping Mall “Winter cherry”, misjudged the grade of fire and sent to extinguish an insufficient number of people. On Tuesday, July 10, the correspondent of TASS from the courtroom for the remand Borsino.

As told the head of the investigative group Rustam Gabdulin, head of the firefighting service assigned to fire the second rank of complexity and sent to the shopping centre seven major fire vehicles instead of eleven.

According to gabdulina, the day of the fire Bursin was on duty and arrived at the scene five minutes after receiving the message about the fire, took the lead in the suppression. He gave a decree on the establishment of the headquarters of the fire, but did not control his work, so the staff began to act only after 20 minutes.

According to the testimony of colleagues, Boursin also gave orders to follow the hall, killing most people, and use exhaust fans. Three squads of firefighters unsuccessfully examined the same gym room, two level — another room, while the witnesses and participants of fire extinguishing talked about the fact that some visitors still remain in the cinema hall.

In turn, Burcin the court explained that it did not change the rank of the fire for the reason that the second number is set automatically to places with mass stay of people.

Boursin was detained on 7 July. According to the TFR, he is in violation of the law and of the Charter are not organized by the management staff of the Ministry locally and thus is responsible for a bad fire investigation, resulting in a burning building killed people.

March 25 in the shopping center “Winter cherry” in the center of Kemerovo there was a fire supposedly caused by short circuit. The building has not triggered a fire alarm, the emergency exits were blocked. Killing 60 people, including 37 children. In fact the incident initiated several criminal cases, defendants which was 10 people.

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