Discovered the niece Skripal fee for participation in the show “First channel”


Picture: BBC video

Niece poisoned in the UK former GRU Colonel Sergei Skripal Victoria a few months ago was employed in a company that produces the transmission for the First channel. She stated this in an interview to “the Russian service Bi-bi-si”, published July 10.

According to the Skripal, she was formally enrolled as an economist in the company “Direct” (no program is “In fact”), through which received money for participation in the programs on the channel. Niece Skripal said that no real responsibilities in the company, she does not. According to “bi-Bi-si”, during the interview, the woman demonstrated the help of the British Embassy issued by the employer stating that her monthly salary is 115 thousand rubles.

From documents follows that an exclusive contract with channel one she signed in April. This type of contract means that Skripal could not appear in shows on other channels.

During the interview Victoria did not disclose the amount earned, citing terms of confidentiality. The interlocutor of “bi-Bi-si”, close to a niece Skripal, admitted that participation in the show of the First channel relative of a former Russian officer received a lump sum of one million rubles.

After the material Skripal denied information about their fees for participating in a TV show. “I didn’t give an interview “Bi-bi-si” about my fees. These correspondents are listed in the article (journalists visited the film set of Direkt, OOO — approx. “Of the”), I haven’t seen and don’t know, especially girls. Personally to me they are not talked about,” said Skripal in a conversation with RBC.

In response to “Russian service bi-Bi-si” has published a video version of the interview with Skripal (in printed form it appeared on the website of 4 July), in which a woman speaks directly about his relationship with the First channel, but says that they cannot disclose this information. Skripal noticed that she needed “some money” to pay for the trip to London, where she was going, but she was denied a visa.

Victoria Skripal lives in Yaroslavl. Regularly appear on television she began in the spring of 2018, when poisoned her uncle Sergei Skripal and his daughter, cousin Victoria Julia. Several releases, with Studio guests she looked into phone conversations with Julia, the authenticity of which is not established. In one of these conversations, the daughter Skripal allegedly accused sister that could not come to Russia including because of the activity of Victoria on Russian TV. In turn Victoria does not consider that participation in programmes dealing with the relatives can in any way hurt them.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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