Healing glorify Ukraine Horvath rejected her help


Fire Vukoevich: Alexander Stupnikov / RIA Novosti

Former football player of Kiev “Dynamo” and team of Croatia Ognjen Vukojevic commented on the scandal of the video where he is in the company of the player of the Croatian team domagoj Vida says “Glory to Ukraine!”. The word Vukojevic results in Obozrevatel.

“I’ll pay the fine. Don’t want anyone else to involve in this situation. I want to solve it yourself. I know nothing bad to say did not want. The International football Federation (FIFA) to me, no other complaints. Thank you all for the support,” said Horvath.

Earlier, on 10 July it became known that the football Federation of Ukraine ready to compensate a penalty imposed on Vukojevic disciplinary Committee of FIFA in the amount of 15 thousand Swiss francs. Also the head of the organization Andrey Pavelko did not rule out that the Croat can help with employment.

On 9 July, the leadership of the Croatian football Union apologized for the behavior of Vukojevic and Types. The first was excluded from the delegation of Croatia at the world Cup.

Video published after the victory of Croatia over the Russian team in the quarterfinals of the world Cup, caused a scandal. The words of the Croats was seen as a political provocation and has been criticized both from the Russians and from the Croatian media.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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