In Belarus began collecting signatures for a ban on ribbons


Photo: Oleksandr Kondratyuk / RIA Novosti

On the Belarusian website there was a petition, which the authors need to introduce administrative responsibility for propaganda and the use of St. George ribbons in the country.

According to the authors of the petition, the ribbon presents a danger to the territorial integrity of the Republic. They note that the tape was “a symbol of Pro-Russian forces on the territory of Donbass during the seizure of power with the use of firearms and military equipment,” and is “a symbol of lawlessness, chaos, instability and hundreds of victims of separatism”.

The authors of the petition asking to prohibit the manufacture, use, display, possession, and distribution of the tape or its image on the territory of Belarus. In addition, it is proposed to determine the documents, the original battle flags, state decorations, and sepulchral structures on which such prohibition will not apply. The petition will be sent to the Council of Ministers of Belarus and the house of representatives of the national Assembly of the Republic.

In may 2017 the law banning the use of St. George ribbons was adopted by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. In this country public use, display or wearing of the attribute or its image it is punishable by confiscation and a fine. In case of repeated violation the penalty increases, there are also administrative arrest.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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