In the US, spoke about the spoils of war from the Soviet Union


Photo: Stangenberg / AP

Not only the Soviet Union and Russia seized and examined samples of Western weapons, but the US and its allies regularly researched Soviet and Russian weapons, writes The National Interest.

The American edition notes that in 1951 a British-American team managed to recover a crashed Soviet jet fighter MiG-15. The journal notes that the disclosure of Soviet military secrets has helped pilots-deserters. The most notable case TNI refers to the flight of Viktor Belenko of the Soviet Union to Japan for the interceptor MiG-25P, held in 1976.

The publication writes that such examples of Soviet military equipment like T-62 and T-72, infantry combat vehicles and anti-tank guided missile of the first generation of “baby”, the Western military has received from the hands of Israel.

“The basic rule of war is: if you use your weapon in combat, your enemies will get it in their hands,” — concludes the publication.

In April 2018, which the Syrian side conveyed to the Russian fragments of Western weapons, in particular, two unexploded Tomahawk cruise missiles. Elements of the weapons were shown at a special briefing of the defense Ministry. Meanwhile, the Russian military said that the elements of the missile is studied, and the results will be used for improvement of the Russian weapons.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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