Kolyasochnika has forced the airline to sell her a ticket


Galina Gorbatyuk: Galina Humpback page in Facebook

Irkutsk airline “Iraero” has tried to deny a member of the Public chamber of Russia Galina Humpback in the purchase of a ticket due to the fact that she’s disabled-kolyasochny — was not accompanying, according to the Buryat TV channel “ATV”.

“They explained that they only have one flight attendant that, if he is busy only me, the other passengers will suffer. And you need to take the usual place,” said the Humpback.

The woman had planned to visit the national forum of wheelchair users, which will take place in November in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, and wanted to pre-purchase a ticket.

Buryat Ombudsman zhambalova Julia told the TV station that “Iraero” sent an appeal with a demand to conduct an internal review of the incident. “In the near future, probably with the Ministry of transport, public men have, shall we say, a round table study, she said. — To invite the airlines, who are with us here in the region, will make recommendations.”

In the end, the Humpback ticket sold, after she pointed to the violation of the Russian legislation.

In June, 41-year-old disabled person with a guide dog was not allowed to dine in one of Kamchatka café. According to supervising body, the man was charged at the entrance to all confirming disability documents, but it “actually put out the door” and he offered to sleep on the street, despite the cold weather. The decision of the court cafe was fined 90 thousand rubles, and will also pay 50 thousand rubles compensation to the victim.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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