Paris has become more dangerous for tourists


Photo: Mehdi Taamallah /

Paris officials have warned tourists about a group of crooks who steal the hotel rooms of personal belongings. It is reported by the Express.

Criminals, which has been dubbed the “hotel rats,” aimed at expensive hotels in the vibrant city where a lot of travelers.

“Some of them are mixed with tour groups and stealing their baggage, others arrive at the hotel under a false name and stealing from the safes,” — said the Commissioner of police Tony Mariet.

He also warned that this may happen not only in popular tourist areas, but in quiet parts of the city.

In may, the London airport security guard that has worked there for over 10 years, shared in an interview how they steal personal belongings of the passengers during the inspection. The employee said that criminals are stealing something every day: laptops, jewelry, wallets. According to him, many scammers book the cheapest tickets to enter the airport and preying on the scattered passengers.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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