Raising the retirement age is considered inevitable


Photo: Alexander Petrosyan / Kommersant

The Russian public chamber will support changes in the pension legislation if they do not conflict with the objectives of the new of the may presidential decree. This was stated by the Secretary of the organization Valery Fadeev, reports “Interfax” on Tuesday, July 10.

He stressed that the initiative of the government to increase the retirement age — not “a simple accounting operation”, and serious reform, the possible consequences of which need to be explored and analyzed.

Meanwhile, Fadeev convinced that the bar of retirement in any case, you need to raise. “As for raising the retirement age is inevitable,” he said.

According to him, if nothing change, in the future it may be a situation when “50 million working people contain 40 million pensioners”. “This is a very bad ratio, this is nowhere and there’s nowhere to go,” concluded the activist.

Earlier Tuesday, Fadeev said that members of the Public chamber will establish communication between the society and the government to improve the bill to raise the retirement age, “zero reading” which took place in the OP yesterday.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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