The former Prime Minister of Ukraine has accused the Croatian footballer of Russophobia


Nicholas Asaruto: Alexander Natruskin / RIA Novosti

The former Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov has condemned the actions of Croatia’s defender domagoj Vida, who recorded the video with the words “Glory to Ukraine!”. His words leads NSN.

“If I was rooting for the Russian national team? Yes, I did. Croatia played rough. As for tricks: scream Bandera slogans — not the best way. This figure played in Kiev “Dynamo”, they apparently “picked” it all. Russophobia in Croatia — and the traditional business. This is due to the support of Serbia Russian Federation”, — said Azarov.

He added that sport is not the best place for politics, supported by the International Federation of football Association (FIFA), which issued the player a warning for unsporting behaviour.

July 7, View recorded video, which together with the coach Ognjen Vukojević welcomed Ukraine. Later a Croatian player called the video a joke and explained that the message was addressed to his friends from Kiev “Dynamo”, where he played from 2013 to 2017.

Team Russia lost to Croatia in the match of 1/4 of final of world Cup on penalties — 3:4. Rival Croatia in the semi-finals will be the team of England. The meeting will take place on July 11 and will begin at 21:00 Moscow time.

The 2018 world Cup will last until July 15.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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