The owner of the club spoke about the conflict girls-transgender protection


Alexander Ionophore: Alexander Ionoff page in “Vkontakte”

Music producer, Creator of the St. Petersburg club “Enoteca” Alexander Ionov commented on the scandal with 17-year-old girl, a transgender, which is not allowed in the school security staff. He wrote in “Vkontakte” on Tuesday, July 10, that the incident is “minor manifestation of human ignorance.”

“Now people are trying to impose the story of how guard “Yonetici”, an adult Russian male in the presence of colleagues and visitors asked the girl to lift her skirt and show his penis. That’s an incredible story, which can believe only very narrow-minded people,” said Ions.

He noted that it was supported by many representatives of nonconventional orientation, which freely visit the club. “Remember when next time in Russia cripple or kill a gay, lesbian or transgender, it won’t happen in the “Inoteka”, and in our country, where there is a total lack of any understanding of the LGBT issue,” said Ion.

On the eve of the network has a scandal due to the post Lizaveta Bogdanov, who reported that the guards “Yonetici” humiliated minor girl-transgender Melissa Salihin, forcing her to lift my skirt and calling the monster at the entrance to the school. Bogdanov has published screenshots of the conversation Caliginous and Ionov, where the Creator of the club sympathized with the girl, however, refused to influence the guard.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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