The TV presenter revealed the shameful secret of “eternal youth”


Lizi Candidato: @lizziecundy

TV presenter Lizzie Kandy (Lizzie Cundy) admitted that for many years underplayed his age for a successful career. She announced this in an interview with tabloid The Sun.

Kandy had all the time to take away from the actual numbers two to five years. She was sure that otherwise remain unclaimed. “I said I will not get a job in television if I don’t do that. So for a long time I was 37,” admitted the leader.

Kandy noted that she was extremely difficult to lie, as it is by nature an honest man. Besides her age was the subject of ridicule of high school friends who knew her since childhood.

His confession TV presenter was timed to the 50th anniversary, which coincided with the filming of the show My Shirley Valentine Summer. According to Kandy, this experience changed her. A TV star is a fan of plastic surgery and cosmetology, decided temporarily to abandon make-up and even replace large implants in the breast more natural.

In the show, My Shirley Valentine Summer eight famous women over 40 go on vacation on a Greek island to relax and find love. This show is often compared to the famous British reality TV “Island of love” (Love Island), where the young participants build a romantic relationship.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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