Toilets in airplanes will be even less


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American airlines decided to make more money by increasing the number of seats in the plane by narrowing the bathrooms. This was reported by Bloomberg.

Airline representatives said that the new toilets will be only a few inches already, but many pilots, flight attendants and passengers do not welcome the innovations.

Consultant Samuel Engel said that his trip to the toilet is a new type of four-year-old son was similar to yoga. “We’re both very compact, but he still practically had to sit on the string to fit in the bathroom together,” he said. “And the sink was so narrow that we had to dance ballet for four hands, spraying water all over the toilet,” added Engel.

According to the Director of the consulting Agency Tronos Aviation Consulting Inc, despite complaints by travelers, the company does not plan to abandon the narrow latrines, as their implementation brings more income. For example, American Airlines will be able to get 400 thousand dollars a year with each added seat.

In June, the toilets in the aircraft proposed to replace the urinals in order to reduce the waiting passengers in the queue. Manufacturer of equipment for aircraft, Zodiac Aerospace introduced a dual urinal with the name of the Durinal. According to the concept, two urinal will be combined in one booth so that the two men will be able to go to the toilet at the same time. The designers assumed that this will considerably reduce the waiting time.

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