Ukraine will pay for its glorifying a Croat


Fire Vukoevich: Ramil Sitdikov / RIA Novosti

The President of the football Federation of Ukraine (FFU) Andriy Pavelko in the channel 112 spoke about the organization’s intention to offset the fine imposed on the team of Croatia Vukojevic for the behavior after the match of 1/4 of final of world championship against Russia.

“We decided to compensate for the penalty, which Vukojevic imposed. Can it and work in FFU to offer if he asks. Why am I in a t-shirt Ivan Rakitic? Rakitic scored the winning goal of Russia, so it is very symbolic. Croats are our friends. Glory To Croatia! Glory To Ukraine! Glory to the heroes!” said Pavelko.

According to the head of the FFU, no politics in the actions of the Croat was not. “Very Patriotic slogan. As The “Glory Of France”, “Glory To Croatia.” This is a manifestation of love to Ukraine, which has given much. It’s gratitude for those years. No politics in the slogan “Glory to Ukraine” can not see”, — he added.

On 9 June the Croatian football Association stripped Vukojevic place in the delegation at the world Cup because of the scandal with a video where he, along with footballer Donahoe kind of shouts “Glory to Ukraine!”. The disciplinary Committee of the International football Federation (FIFA) has fined midfielder Ognjen Vukojevic for 15 thousand dollars.

Vukojevic were part of the Kiev “Dynamo” from 2008 to 2015.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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