A lover of computer games, played sports and lost weight by almost half


Photo: Kaitlyn van Brunschot

American, addicted to computer games, changed hobby to the gym and lost weight over the year by 40 pounds. This was reported by the newspaper the Daily Mail.

Software developer 26-year-old Caitlin van Brunschot (Kaitlyn van Brunschot) from the city of Phoenix, Arizona, spent her free time playing games, eating fast food and drinking his soda. She weighed 103 pounds and hated parties, as ashamed of my body.

After her divorce from her husband van Brunschot decided to change her lifestyle and joined the gym to drive away sad thoughts. But if working out with weights she liked, to abandon the usual food was more difficult: the first six months, the American continued to eat fast food, but gradually got used to healthy food. At first, she came into the hall late in the evening, so as not to get anyone in the eye.

“I never felt attractive when I was fatter. I look at old pictures, and I don’t think was ugly, I was very nice. I was self-critical,” admitted the girl.

Van Brunschot added that the sport helped her love her body and realize the importance of self-care. She advised everyone who wants to lead a healthy life, a sober assessment of their abilities and to start either with exercises or with the change diet, and do not overexert.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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