A seven-meter Python had swallowed a dog, tired and fell


Photo: Mohd Sah Muda

In Malaysia, caught a seven-meter Python that swallowed a dog. This publication reports the New Straits Times.

In the police district of Jemaluang it was reported that one of the local farms saw a giant reptile. On the scene left two police officers and six employees of the civil defense forces with equipment for catching snakes.

They found a Python inside the gutter, where he crawled after he ate the dog. He was kicked out of the shelter with smoke and locked in a cage. A hearty meal tired of the reptile, so it was easier.

After the capture of the Python weighed. It turned out that he weighs a hundred pounds, that is twice more than the largest specimen, which was caught in this County.

In Malaysia, the live reticulated pythons, which are the largest snakes in the world. Their length can exceed seven meters.

In June it was reported that inside the eight-meter Python on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi found a woman’s body. She went to check the corn plantation in kilometre from the house and never returned.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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