American told about the consequences of the bites of dozens of venomous spiders


Photo: Victoria Owen

A resident of the United States, where the apartment is infested with poisonous spiders and who have experienced multiple bites, told about the consequences of contact with insects. This was reported by news portal Buzzfeed News.

Angela Wright (by Angela Wright) from Brentwood (Tennessee) admitted that living in the same apartment with brown spiders are hermits led to the formation of blood clots in the lungs. She had to spend some time in the hospital, and now to end the life of an American forced to drink troversial drugs. Also the doctors advised her not to have children because of the high risk of thrombosis.

The girl together with his bride settled in a new apartment in February. Some time later it turned out that it was crawling with spiders. They found them everywhere: on the floor, walls and even beds. “We didn’t understand the whole scope of the problem until we started to move things and found dozens of arthropods in the corners,” admitted 25-year-old Wright.

When Wright first went to the doctor, she was advised to regularly clean the bites and to take antibiotics. However, within weeks the pain has only increased, and on the second visit to the doctor didn’t tell her anything new. “I couldn’t breathe, couldn’t take a deep breath, did not understand what was happening, couldn’t concentrate and couldn’t even move. I was just sitting in one place all day and prayed the pain was gone,” she said.

With his fiancee, she moved in with her parents and burned all the furniture, as fears that could carry poisonous spiders with you. “This is bad. I had to move out immediately, but now that apartment and spiders changed my life forever,” laments Wright.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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