Belarusians more than 70 years, traveled to the mined bridge



In Belarus when carrying out repair work on railway bridge specialists found a tab of two dozen kilograms of TNT. About it reports the edition “people’s news Vitebsk”.

The explosives found on the bridge over the river Adrov near the village of Terentieva Orsha district, Vitebsk region. Repairmen found the TNT at the end of the installation after dismantling of rails, sleepers and part of the ballast section.

The engineers learned from the mound 54 TNT bombs of the great Patriotic war, each weighing 400 grams. The total weight of the charge was 21.6 kilograms.

After removing the explosives sapper-pyrotechnic group of the military unit No. 5524 took her to a safe place and destroyed.

In September 2013, in the city of Mamonovo of the Kaliningrad region sappers bridge was mined by German troops in 1945. At the base of the concrete bridge over the river Vitushka there were several rows of TNT blocks and anti-tank mine with a glass fuse. TNT and mines was discovered by the builders during repair. The bridge over the river has always been considered reliable and constantly traveled road.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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