Called the secrets of a successful journey


Photo: Zoubeir Souissi / Reuters

Experts in the travel industry has compiled a list of tips that will help tourists to make the trip and stay at the airport comfortable, and also to avoid unpleasant consequences. About it reports Fox News.

Firstly, they are advised to take food on the plane from home, and always put in your hand Luggage empty bottle for water, which passengers will be able to fill after inspection. The fact that many airlines charge extra for meals and drinks, and it will help save money.

Second, experts have advised to put all the necessary things in your hand Luggage and take it with you, because in this way tourists avoid unnecessary expectations and risk of losing Luggage during transfers.

If someone is going on a trip with children, experienced travelers suggested in advance explain to the child how to behave in the airport and plane. They also noticed that at many airports there is a special Playground for kids where they can spend time before boarding.

In conclusion, the experts told me to always wait in areas where the least people, even if they are far away from the gate. So tourists can always find a free outlet to charge gadgets if the flight is delayed.

In July, the experts called several reasons due to which travelers during the holidays feel more tired than if they were in normal working environments. Among them was alcohol, “leisure sickness”, as well as the ability of the brain to enable alert mode when a person falls asleep in a new place.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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