Giant squirrel in Kazakhstan has angered local residents


Photo: @suluserik

Giant squirrel in the center of Alma-ATA, made of straw, metal and wood, has not caused local residents the expected feelings of elation. About it reports Tengrinews.

The statue caused outrage among Almaty residents, since its installation, the money was allocated from the mayor’s office ― about 15 million tenge (2.7 million). Citizens protested the fact how irresponsible was spent their taxes.

“It’s more like a rat,” he complained in social networks, the user Taher, adding that the funds “could help those who are in need of money for operations.” Another user said that the installation was a “shame” and loss of “our taxes”. Many people believe that design does not meet the requirements of fire safety.

The statue of the proteins made by the artist Alex Rinzler. As explained by the artist, the squirrel symbolizes the lives of citizens.

“It is our closest neighbor, living in parks and gardens. Protein, like ourselves, is in constant motion, it must constantly adapt to the changing environment, to search for resources for survival. However, it is not a predator, he’s good creation. In his arms, the Alma-ATA protein will keep the acorn as a reward and a symbol of hope for the future,” explained Rinker.

Art object appeared in Kazakhstan in the framework of the festival Art Energy. Along with the giant squirrel has another 16 structures. Protein will stay in the city for another nine months.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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