In China, stolen from the police station the car was found at the police



In the Chinese city of XI’an (capital of Shaanxi province), found the car stolen from him two years ago with the local police. This reports the South China Morning Post.

As noted, in February 2016 at the Chinese with the surname Zhang was the unresolved financial issues with a certain group of people who because of this has tried to steal the car of his father. Man came to one of the police stations of the city, to submit a statement for them. When he returned to the Parking lot, it turned out that his Volkswagen was gone.

Police have launched an investigation, but more than two years on the car, nothing was known. Only in April 2018 Zhang himself happened to notice it on the street. By car there were other rooms, but to confuse her with another man could not: some elements of the tuning was made to order.

The Chinese had called the local police. When they arrived, it turned out that driving a Volkswagen is sitting their colleague. Exactly how he had stolen the car, not reported. At the same time, it is noted that the guard was associated with people who had financial claims to the Zhang and who were suspected of theft.

As a result, in July police officers were suspended from duties for a month. He also must pay a fine of 3 million yuan ($450). For the offense he had also suspended the driver’s license, now he will have to pass a written test. Whether in relation to the police to press some criminal charges, not specified.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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