In Moscow and St. Petersburg will host the science festival GEEK PICNIC


Photo: @geekpicnic

11-12 August 2018 in Moscow in the Museum-reserve “Kolomenskoye” and 18-19 August 2018 in St. Petersburg in Gorky Park. Kirov on Elagin island will host the largest annual scientific-popular festival GEEK PICNIC on modern technologies, science and art. This is stated in the press release received by the editors”.ru”.

The main theme of the festival will be the future of humanity, the development of artificial intelligence and cybernetization. It is reported that the lectures of the festival will be Lisa Randall, a specialist in the field of elementary particle physics, string theory and cosmology — Michael Shermer, science educator and founder of the American society of skeptics, and writer James Barratt, author of “the Last invention of mankind”.

The festival program will consist of several thematic tracks (biotechnology, artificial intelligence and technoetic, space, blockchain), in each of which lectures by famous scientists, but will also feature large-scale art objects in the style of retro-futurism and interactive installations.

For the first time at the festival Geek Picnic will appear in Moscow area the Blockchain, which will be installed a giant container mining, which will mine crypto-currency in real-time. All cryptocurrencies received during the festival, the organizers will compete among participants of Geek Picnic. Educational topics of the lectures will be blockchain in the education and protection of business processes.

Within the musical part on the stage of the festival will feature DJ Rico Tubbs, and also performers of various styles of electronic music. In addition, visitors will be able to attend on the Assembly of mini-drones and exhibition theobjective, VR-zone, a zone of science fiction, the alley comics, video games, steampunk and cosplay show.

Geek Picnic is the largest annual festival dedicated to the achievements of science and technology, and cultural and subcultural phenomena. In different years at Geek Picnic were made by the astronauts, biologists, founders of successful projects, Directors, hackers, bloggers, artists, actors. Informative and scientific program of the festival in 2018 oversees the Advisory Council, which includes leading scientists, science communicators, and public figures. In 2017 in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg and Krasnodar, the visitors of the festival were almost 70 thousand people.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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