Islamic preacher arrested for sexual assault


Frame: Ulusal Kanal / YouTube

Turkish police arrested Islamic televangelist Adnan Oktar and more than 160 of his followers on suspicion in creation of criminal group. Potential gang members are also accused of fraud and sexual violence, writes Reuters.

Police arrested 166 of 235 suspects. Part of the accomplices was arrested during a search in the house of Oktar in Istanbul, his guards tried to resist police and escape. Catching the accomplices of Onatra was raised by helicopter and involved forces of the Maritime police unit. The RAID was broadcast on the website of the state news Agency Anadolu.

Oktar began preaching in the late 1970-ies. In the 1980s he became famous denial of Darwin’s theory and calls to stop teaching the theory of evolution and the origin of man from apes in the schools. A few days after they said the phrase “I am a Turk and my nation is Islam” he was accused in the preparation of the theocratic revolution and was arrested on 163 article of the criminal code “Attempted use of religion or religious feelings, and religious shrines for the purpose of partial changes in social, economic or political system of a secular state, and promotion or suggestion of religious ideas.” Crimes under this article are punishable by a term of five to ten years of imprisonment. Of Oktar was acquitted and he continued to conduct social activities and television and radio programmes.

Oktar also known as the writer Harun Yahya. He has published 300 books which have been translated into 76 languages.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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