Lipstick Fuck Trump helped refugees


Image: Lipslut

U.S. brand manufacturer of cosmetic products Lipslut rescued for organizations that help immigrants, 100 of thousands of dollars from sales of the lipstick is called Fuck Trump. About it reports The Independent.

In March 2017, two months after the inauguration of Donald trump, Lipslut launched a campaign to Fight zero tolerance (“the Struggle with zero tolerance”) for the purpose of attracting public attention to the cruel laws of the U.S. President, according to which immigrant parents were separated from their children.

21-year-old founder of the brand Katie stone asked of the social networks to vote for their favorite color and based on their selection launched production of lipstick with antithrombosis slogan. The girl promised to transfer 50 percent of the proceeds from the sales of each copy of the media organizations that protect the rights of refugees.

In July, the website the world’s largest us retail chains Walmart has a t-shirt that says Impeach 45 (“the Impeachment of 45”). Users of the social network also found a lot of things with the words Impeach 45 in a variety of colours for the website of the retailer and called for a boycott of the network with the hashtag #BoycottWalmart.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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